Due to his teenage delinquency, Kylee is forced to work a deal of community service at a small cattle ranch in the middle of nowhere. Not all hope is lost though, as the ranch owner in charge of Kylee is pretty hot. Too bad both boys are complete tsunderes.



About RedMari


Artist / Author: RedHerring

Red resides in Texas and lives off of sunflower seeds and diet coke. She got the idea for Spurs & Stripes from her love of gay cowboy romance novels and despite writing/watching/breathing the horror genre, decided to venture off to create some good ol' country boyxboy lovin'.


Site Manager: Marielle Lawliet

Marielle (Mari/Elle) is also in Tx and is a shopaholic who will buy things she doesn't need. But who wouldn't want to have 8 bishounen body pillows? Who cares if she can't fit them on her bed.. Oh and she also helps with emails and site management, so let her know if something is off.

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Where does this comic take place?
Present day at a small cattle ranch in the middle of bumfuck nowhere Texas.

Is there underage shit going on here?
Kylee is 19 and Kimrick is 27. All legal, just an age gap.

What's up with the 'yer's and 'ya'll's in the comic dialogue?
To feel more authentic to the setting, we tried to throw in some southern/Texan slang in the characters' speech. We understand this might be hard for readers who don't know the dialect or have English as their second language so don't be afraid to ask for a translation if you're having a hard time following!

Is this an NC17 comic?
There are graphic sex scenes, however this is not a porn-based comic (shout out to our
Patreon though where NSFW goodies are aplenty!)

How is the comic made?
Scripted, thumbnailed, sketched in pencil, inked in pen, scanned, colored in Photoshop. Red has a tablet but prefers to live in the stone age.

Why update once a week instead of twice or three times?
While it would be ideal, Red has a full time job on top of the comic. Add that to all the Patreon extras and just general merch prep/other art/etc she already spends her free time doing and her drawing hand would most likely fall off.

What is your OTP?
Red: Komahina!
Mari: Kawoshin forever

Is there an Ask blog where I can ask more questions?
Yes! You can reach Red or Mari through any contact links on the links page. You can even ask Kylee himself at his own
TUMBLR (his tumblr runs in time/canonically with the comic and he tends to not answer questions that get answered later down the plot line.)