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Truth or Dare



Tan Lines
Drawing Each Other
Dylan and Young Kim
Date Night
TNBC boys
City boy
Fancy sirs
Phone Lesson
RedMari Q&A (May 2018)
Chaps in chaps
Smug Kylee
Holiday Tradition
Punk meets Cowboy


Fan Works 

Kylee by Squidsick
Kim & Kylee by 01-manikin
Kim & Kylee by Skittsue
Kylee by accidentalhemorrhage
Razor Blade cake by Brenda Olavarria
Angel and Demon by Aly Viv
Kylee and Razor by tdeva
Fem!Kylee by PuddleKin
Kim and Kylee by PuddleKin
Sweater Weather by Puddlekin
Kylee by KrystalB
Kimrick and Kylee by SuperMuuh
Kylee and Razor by sadlilgothicbabe
Kylee and Razor 2 by sadlilgothicbabe
Kylee by Jay Wallace
Kylee by pandapiller
Kylee by bitckgetmemymilk
Kimrick and Kylee by zeruwi
Kimrick and Kylee by sasahaneul
Scotty by Sophia
Kimrick by Sophia
Kim and Kylee by pandapillar
Kimrick and Kylee by Laura
Various by GenderfluidPanFolk
Kim and Kylee by Yukito
Kimrick and Kylee by rottenunicorn

’Boots and boys’ fanfic by Sockpansy
’Through the Looking Glass’ fanfic by LexiCon
’Three Months Left’ fanfic by cheachxo
’Renegades’ fanfic by cheachxo
’And Along Came Madison’ fanfic by therealslayz
’A little bit country’ by WatermelonTuesdays
’Hey there, cowboy’ fanfic by cunttwatula
’Truck Yeah’ fanfic by NGE
’Warm’ fanfic by Soft_Kisses
’A kid and a man’ fanfic by fruitlessjoy

’Yearning to Love’ fanfic by cunttwatula

Kylee cosplay by michusui
Kylee cosplay by blanc-griffith
Kimrick cosplay by bishie_sensei
Kimrick and Kylee by bishie_sensei and rockyfae
Kylee by kawaiicrossplay


OST - Finally Something in Common (Chap 2) by Avery Griffith
OST - Night Practice (Chap 3) by Avery Griffith
OST - The Fire Debacle (Chap 8) by Avery Griffith
OST - The Lake (Chap 13) by Avery Griffith